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“Figo” (fee-go) means cool in Italian, or so we’re told. And so welcome to the “cool” life.

It’s our passion, our avocation, our muse and we want to share it with you through our eclectic but carefully chosen and superiorly manufactured products.

Figo Life is the proud owner of three well-respected brands: Eco Orange, 1UP Retro,  Bolt Shoe Cleaner, and Presley & Pals.

Eco Orange is a brand of all-natural, non-toxic, multipurpose cleaners and degreasers. Eco Orange has been around since the early ’80s and is formulated to be super effective while being safe for your family and pets. We like to say we were green and cool before going green was all the rage.

1UP Retro is a relatively new brand borne out of a lifelong hobby and passion of our company founder, Jeremy Marshall. 1UP Retro aims to be your dependable brand for all things retro video gaming (and occasionally some cool new-gen stuff).

Bolt Shoe Cleaner is a new brand consisting of our revolutionary shoe cleaner. This ain’t your dad’s saddle soap and fragrance. It really works to clean shoes, but it can also clean most fabrics, upholstery, even your kitchen counters if you are so inclined.

Presley & Pals is inspired and named after our golden retriever, Presley. Our first pet product in this line is an amazing enzyme-based pet stain and odor eliminator for carpets, furniture and fabric.

Joy. Health. Happiness. Quality. We strive to meet these attributes in our products and our customer service. That’s our promise. If we don’t meet that promise, we’ll bend over backwards to make it right. We are a small, family-owned company and we consider our customers our family.